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Make yourself a priority with Nicole Latimer

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Make yourself a priority with Nicole Latimer

In this episode of People at Work, Nicole Latimer explains why time and purpose are the key ingredients to investing in yourself.

Imagine working for a company that gives every employee 30 minutes of personal time every day to improve and make themselves a priority. Too good to be true? Not so at StayWell, where CEO Nicole Latimer introduced daily “Bean Time” to support individual wellness and personal growth.

This sounds like a tremendous commitment and investment, especially with over 600 employees. But Nicole believes in walking the talk and she’s building a culture of wellbeing, motivation, and self-care. Employees use the time for physical activity, reading, special interest conversations, and much more. The key is that every person does something that matters to them personally.

If you’d like to hear why Nicole believes it’s important to make yourself a priority, and get honest-to-goodness tips on how to start, take a listen to this episode of People at Work. You’ll hear that time and purpose are key ingredients to investing in yourself, and maximizing your health and happiness.

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“It really pays to slow down. To address your individual needs and make sure that you’re as healthy and as happy as you can be, so that you can bring that fulfilled self to everything else that you're doing.”

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Nicole Latimer

CEO of The StayWell Company


Nicole is the CEO of The StayWell Company, where they leverage the science of behavior change as the foundation for improving health outcomes. She’s inspired by Mary Barra (GM CEO) and other women leaders for creating company cultures with work-life balance.

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