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Why leaders should invest in happiness with Nic Marks

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Why leaders should invest in happiness with Nic Marks

What if we told you the secret to a stronger team is prioritizing happiness? Don't believe us? Well, listen in as Nic walks us through the science of happiness at work.

If you could do one thing to make work better for yourself and those around you, would you do it? What if that one thing was making happiness a priority? Would that change your answer?

Happiness is a nebulous thing. It’s hard to create, understand, track, and measure—all the things leaders are generally asked to do in business.

But Nic Marks disagrees. He’s a statistician and trained therapist who believes that happiness can be intentionally introduced with outcomes that can be measured.

Not only that, there are inherent benefits to leaders by investing in happiness. Not only will you see your own well-being sky-rocket, your employees will enjoy fewer sick days, be more productive, unleash creativity, and more. And that will fuel your own sense of happiness, and let’s face it, make life that much better for everyone. 

Sounds like a sound investment to me. And so is the time spent on listening to my conversation with Nic. We talk about the science of happiness, how technology helps make sense of it, and how to find happy moments even when the world seems to be falling apart. Give it a listen and get happy!

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“It’s in the self interest of leaders for people to be happy.”

Nic Marks

Founder & CEO, Friday Pulse


Nic was once called a "statistician with a soul" by a client. No doubt because of his interesting mix of hard analytical skills and his soft people ones (he’s a trained therapist). Nic's wife complains that when he has had a drink he always starts giving young people life advice—whether they want it or not!

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