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The future of the workplace with Mo Hamzian

By Dustin Tysick

2 min read

The future of the workplace with Mo Hamzian

Working from home can get monotonous, so how about changing it up once in a while? VEL is a hyper-localized tech-forward coffee shop concept supporting a hybrid workforce. Here you can work in a transactional setting and be more efficient while co-working.

Mo Hamzian, Co-Founder & CEO of VEL, took his love for working at coffee shops and turned that into a work experience that offers flexible privacy and psychological safety. It gives you the opportunity to experience the energy of other people working in the same space as you. 

Mo joins us to chat about what the future of the workplace looks like. Are there better alternatives? What are the benefits of co-working vs. working from home? 

The nature of workplaces has been shifting and will continue to do so. Mo encourages you to discover how you think about work itself. Do you go to a gym because of the equipment or does it depend on the ability to customize what fitness goals suit you?  At VEL, more than renting a co-working space, technology, and snacks, they focus on selling a productive work experience.

The transition from a disrupted workforce back to “normal” is slow for a reason. Mo believes that hybrid, flexible, dedicated co-working spaces are here to stay as employees crave more interesting and supportive ways and places to work. 

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“Hybrid, flexible, dedicated spaces are here to stay.”

Mo Hamzian

Co-Founder & CEO, VEL


Mo is a London Business School Sloan Fellow and the co-founder & CEO of VEL, a premium utopian tech-forward work cafe. An established leader with 20 years of experience in nearly all things business. Mo excels at building businesses and creating value. He has successfully exited projects with a total value of over $150M.


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