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Give employees room to breathe with Megan Purdy

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Give employees room to breathe with Megan Purdy

It’s a fresh new year! Most of us would prefer to hit the gas and leave 2020 in the dust. But, let’s not leave the lessons it gave us behind too.

The rapid shift to remote work that many employees experienced last year created stress, uncertainty, and discomfort for some. This was largely due to the overnight intrusion of organizations into their employees’ homes. 

Suddenly kitchens, dining room tables, sofas, and other domestic installations became the proxy for offices everywhere. These settings came complete with all manner of normal human life details, like pets, children, unmade beds, and maybe the odd NFW (not for work) picture on the wall.

One of the biggest lessons for organizations, is that employees are imperfect human beings with lives on the other side of their employee files. That demands employers be more considerate, kind, and caring, especially if people are working remote from their own homes.

Megan Purdy is a strong advocate for giving employees the space they need to breathe and manage their work lives as they choose. In this episode of People at Work we talk about things employers should think about to create harmony and build safe remote workplace environments. 

Much of this conversation is about what happened during the pandemic-enforced work from home experience. However, since many organizations will continue to offer location flexibility and possibly even remain fully remote, Megan’s tips and ideas are invaluable even when we get off the corona-coaster.

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“We’re uninvited guests in our employees’ homes.”

Megan Purdy

Marketing Manager, Canadian Payroll Services


Megan is a former recruiter and HR blogger who now works to close the gap between global business and Canadian top talent through remote workforce solutions. She is a longtime movie and comic book critic and a perennially hopeful Toronto Maple Leafs fan.



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