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Max Yoder on agreements vs. expectations

By Dustin Tysick

2 min read

Max Yoder on agreements vs. expectations

We all have unspoken expectations of our co-workers, significant others, family, and friends. Unfortunately, none of us are mind readers so these expectations often lead to disappointment when people fail to behave exactly as we expect them to.

Max Yoder joins us on People at Work to explain how getting agreements, even 1% at a time, contributes to a culture of accountability and responsibility. And, ultimately, a more loving and supportive culture.

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"The path of least resistance is to just to expect something in an unspoken way. I think the real path of least resistance is to get an agreement, but it requires more upfront work.”

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Max Yoder

Co-Founder and CEO of Lessonly. Author of Do Better Work


Max Yoder is the CEO and co-founder of Lessonly, the powerfully simple training software that helps millions of people learn, practice, and Do Better Work. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Jess.

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Dustin Tysick

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