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Prepare for change with Liz Lewinson

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Prepare for change with Liz Lewinson

Liz Lewinson explains the importance of welcoming change with a still mind, because, in a world that's ever-changing, the more prepared we are, the better.

What’s your relationship with change? Do you welcome it with open arms or avoid it like your worst fear?

If you’re Liz Lewinson, you seek it out as a way to grow and expand your life experience. Liz went from writing to television to computer science to finance IT, and is still looking for ways to change. 

The one constant that prepares her for change is a still mind. By practicing some form of meditation, Liz believes we can surf through even the roughest life swells.

In a world that’s ever-changing, the more prepared we can be, the better. Liz shares her experiences of moving through big and small changes with curiosity. 

She also talks about how a life of meditation has given her the tools to enjoy change as an energy boost, not a drain.

I’m certain Liz will help you approach change more wholeheartedly, starting with your mind.

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“Change raises your energy.”

Liz Lewinson



Liz Lewinson is the award-winning author of “American Buddhist Rebel,” “Women, Meditation, and Power,” and “The Power of the Loving Man.” A constant learner, she loves being taken on long walks in nature by her two terriers.


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