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Why mentoring should be an organizational strategy with Lisa Fain

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Why mentoring should be an organizational strategy with Lisa Fain

Lisa Fain shares the benefits of mentoring in the development of an organization, and how it will ultimately allow you to attract and retain outstanding talent.

Mentoring is well known for helping individuals pursue career and other personal development goals. Unlike coaching, which is often driven by the coach, mentoring is mentee-led and focused on their long-term growth.

The benefits of mentoring are many and varied—interpersonal skill development, greater self-awareness, and fine-tuning of life skills. So why not think about mentoring as an organizational strategy, that can be scaled from the individual, to leadership, to the company as a whole?

Lisa Fain believes that mentoring is a critical strategy for some of the key outcomes that businesses strive for: attracting and retaining outstanding talent, gaining trust and contribution at all levels, and building healthy and productive workplace cultures. Lisa and I talk about this idea and how to achieve it in the latest episode of People at Work.

Embracing mentoring as a leadership competency across the organization creates an environment of individual self-empowerment and accountability. It builds workplaces where people are trusted, enabled, and supported. It’s here that ownership is rewarded, recognized, and celebrated. And where all sorts of other key performance indicators are realized. 


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“Mentoring is an organizational strategy for attraction, recruitment, and inclusivity.”

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Lisa Fain is CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence and a global speaker on creating inclusive environments through mentoring. She strives to live by the saying on her favorite t-shirt “If it involves campfires, s’mores or coffee, count me in.” 

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