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How to do feedback right with Libby Robinson

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How to do feedback right with Libby Robinson

In this episode of People at Work, Libby Robinson joins us to talk about a research-based approach to giving feedback in the workplace.

Clammy hands, dry mouth, body slightly shaking… exactly what happens when you hear the words “I’d like to give you some feedback.” Even worse when they’re paired with “annual performance review.”

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but if you’ve ever had a job, you’ve likely experienced the agony of poor feedback. If you’ve ever managed a team of people, you’ve most definitely experienced the discomfort of delivering negative feedback.

Libby Robinson is out to change that. Believing that we’ve been doing feedback wrong for many years, Libby advocates for a more proactive approach. It’s not that people don’t want feedback. They just want it on their terms.

In this People at Work conversation, Libby shares the research and neuroscience behind a new way of thinking about feedback: when people seek it out, it’s far more pleasant for everyone. 

Libby’s so committed to doing feedback right, that she’s built a free app called BackFeed+ to facilitate it. If you’d like to join her in the quest to blow up traditional performance reviews and awful feedback, listen in!

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“We've been doing feedback the wrong way for decades now.”

Libby Robinson

Managing Partner, Integral


Libby Robinson is the Managing Partner of Integral, an award-winning leadership, executive coaching, and advisory company working with Fortune 1000 companies globally. A former Wall Street Banker, aerospace engineer, and National Champion Equestrian, Libby has worked for 26 years with senior leaders globally, helping to bring more mindfulness, resilience, and greater capacity to brilliant and ambitious leaders. Libby’s latest venture has been to launch BackFeed+, a new app that helps individuals and organizations get better, faster feedback using a method backed by the latest neuroscience data about how individuals receive feedback with less stress.


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