What we need for next level DEI with LaTonya Wilkins

By Bev Attfield

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What we need for next level DEI with LaTonya Wilkins

Remember the black squares on Instagram showing support of Black Lives Matter? What action took hold after companies proclaimed to care about DEI in the workplace? Even though awareness has likely increased, meaningful change is in short supply.

That’s what’s driving LaTonya Wilkins to get below the surface with leaders. Leaders have a critical role to play in shifting workplaces (and society at large) towards deeper inclusion and caring about diversity. Unless we get to the core of change, we’ll see little progress for DEI. 

LaTonya chats to me about why we should be skeptical about what’s been done, what mechanisms we can use to change from the core, and what’s helping and hindering DEI as we shift to hybrid workplaces. If you’re trying to get past the DEI checkboxes and external posturing in your workplace, this is the podcast episode for you.

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“We’re not getting to the core of change.”

LaTonya Wilkins

Founder, Change Coaches


As the founder of Change Coaches and author of Leading Below the Surface, LaTonya helps organizations create cultures of belonging and motivating environments while amplifying the “only ones” at work so they feel more valued, heard, and engaged.

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