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Power is at work whether we know it or not says Kit Krugman

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Power is at work whether we know it or not says Kit Krugman

In this episode of People at Work, Kit Krugman teaches us about the role of power and how it can be a positive force in organizations.

Power is everywhere in organizations. When building trust, collaborating, negotiating, and more. It’s there whether it’s explicit or not.

That’s what has Kit Krugman intrigued. She’s also interested in understanding why power is so often negatively portrayed, when there’s a lot of good to come from using power to drive things like innovation, change, and purpose.

In this conversation, I appreciate the way that Kit explains the difference between power and authority, helping me understand my own relationship and experience with power (not to mention the power privileges I have, whether I realize it or not).

She also explores how power systems exist in organizations, and what we can do to better understand where power lies and how to leverage it, for good.

In a world where power appears to be held by a few, Kit suggests that every individual has the power to influence and change. It’s just a matter of understanding where that power lies. 

This fascinating discussion made me think about power more clearly and positively. It’s a conversation worth continuing as it impacts every aspect of society, not least of which how it makes people feel at work.

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“Power is a critical fabric of the workplace.”

Kit Krugman

Head of Organization + Culture Design, co:collective


Kit Krugman has designed and grown team cultures for over 10 years. She has worked with technology giants, non-profits, and most recently built and leads the Organization & Culture Design at co:collective. Kit’s writing on organization design and transformation has been published in Quartz, INC, and The Huffington Post. She has spoken at DisruptHR, Talent2030, and Adobe’s 99U on women in leadership, innovation, and workplace diversity. Kit holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology & Change Leadership from Columbia University, a B.A. in Literature and Studio Art from Yale University, and is a certified yoga teacher.

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