Top sharing is the way forward for flexible work with Karin Tischler

By Bev Attfield

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Top sharing is the way forward for flexible work with Karin Tischler

You’ve probably heard of job sharing, but what about top sharing? It’s a flexible working arrangement offering senior level role splitting across two or more people. 

How can that possibly work you might ask? I had the same question (and more). Fortunately I recently met Karin Tischler, who focuses her research and energy on this precise topic. 

Karin joined me on People at Work to dive into what she’s learned, and why she’s an avid fan of top sharing. Karin makes a case for how this can reduce burnout, increase innovation, and enhance job satisfaction.

With the door to flexible working flung wide open due to the global pandemic, now’s the time to expand our thinking about unique and creative ways of getting work done while harnessing expertise at the senior level.

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“People don't know what they're missing with top sharing because they've never experienced it.”

Karin Tischler

Founder, Emily’s Path Consulting 


Lifelong researcher focused on flexible work to get to gender equality faster. Currently stuck global traveler using podcast intro questions to learn more about future locations to visit from her international guests. 

Podcast: "Jobsharing and Beyond"

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