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What is your culture of time? With Julie Morgenstern

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What is your culture of time? With Julie Morgenstern

Being aware of the expectations your company is setting around time management and responsiveness can unlock creative productivity.

If you were asked, “what is the culture of time at your company?” would you have an answer?

Probably not. But it’s such an interesting question.

I had a great time chatting with productivity expert and Bestselling Author Julie Morgenstern about organizing your life from the inside-out and the importance of a company’s culture of time.

P.S. As a bonus for any parents listening, we also chat about how to organize your life to bring out the best in your child.

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"There is a culture of time and every company and it usually develops unconsciously not consciously. No one ever stopped to say what is our culture of time.”

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Julie Morgenstern

Organizing and productivity expert, Bestselling Author


Julie has spent more than 30 years helping individuals and major corporations overcome disorganization. To decompress she enjoys biking around Central Park, swimming, and bopping along to music wherever it’s piped in. 

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Her books include:

Never Check Email in the Morning
Time to Parent: Organizing Your Life to Bring Out the Best in Your Child


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