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Practice extreme intentionality with Jayson Krause

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Practice extreme intentionality with Jayson Krause

In this episode of People at Work, Jayson Krause joins us to talk about the role of extreme intentionality in leadership.

Being intentional as a leader demands more than deliberate action. And in fact, simply being intentional is not enough. 

What we need in leaders today, is extreme intentionality. According to Jayson Krause, this starts with defining the best expression of yourself as a leader, and then consistently delivering that. 

On this episode of People at Work, Jayson talks about his own journey to understand his most authentic self. He went from Olympic-level contender in the bobsled to grief stricken friend, after his childhood friend and teammate lost his fight with cancer. 

As Jayson questioned his own legacy and the value he wanted to give to the world, he realized that the only productive place to be is to face possibilities, not succumb to adversity. So he took this philosophy and began coaching other leaders to find their own brand and style of extremely intentional leadership.

Find out what this looks like in practice, how it impacts imposter syndrome, inclusion, and psychological safety, and why this is the healthiest way for any leader to operate. 

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“Extreme intentionality is getting clear about your style of leading.”

Jayson Krause

Managing Director, Level 52 Inc.


Jayson Krause is the Managing Director at Level 52 and author of The Science Behind Success: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Mindset, Influence, Culture & Performance. Jayson helps leaders solve their most frequent and painful problems with leader development and coaching. He began his leadership and high-performance path as a Canadian national team bobsled pilot.

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