Observe before acting suggests Jane Scudder

By Bev Attfield

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Observe before acting suggests Jane Scudder

It’s natural to jump into action to solve a problem. Often we do this before we really understand the problem’s true nature and reach. This is particularly common in the workplace, where most of us are making decisions and solving problems every day.

Jane Scudder believes we’re wasting time and energy on rushing to solutions. Rather, we should adopt the approach used in social anthropology, where we simply observe. Like the study of cultures or rituals, corporate anthropology asks us to stop and look at our behaviours and values, to really know our character as an organization. 

Once we know ourselves, we can then get down to understanding how to solve problems, big and small. This means the true nature of our organizational culture drives decision making and problem solving, not knee-jerk reactions on an ad hoc basis. 

Jane explains in more detail in today’s podcast episode. The concept of corporate anthropology was new to me, but it aligns well with a mindful approach to operating a business and building its culture. Pausing to reflect and consider before acting, is a worthy practice, in any situation. 

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“It's about observing and then knowing ourselves.”

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Jane Scudder

Founder & CEO, The New Exec


Jane is a certified coach, corporate anthropologist, facilitator, and speaker. Her work spans leadership and executive coaching, personal development (life coaching), business growth, career transition, and political coaching. She lives and works from her home in Chicago, IL with her 14 houseplants. 

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