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Drop the script and be yourself with Jahmaal Marshall

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Drop the script and be yourself with Jahmaal Marshall

Jahmaal Marshall explains the importance of dropping the script and just being ourselves.

At one time or another, we’ve all masked our true selves and acted in a way that we thought was expected by other people or circumstances. This isn’t a comfortable place to be.

That’s why Jahmaal Marshall suggests we drop the script. Stop acting for other people, and simply be ourselves. 

The catch is—it’s not always that easy, especially when rigid stereotypes and age-old practices stand in our way. And this is particularly pervasive in the workplace. 

Jahmaal walks us through how to have the courage to be who we are, at work and beyond. He also has advice for managers and senior leaders on how to create a work environment that supports every employee as their authentic selves.

This calm and uplifting conversation is filled with hope, at a time when we all need to be more real, and respect each other for who we are. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and be sure to check out Jahmaal’s frequent forest walk videos on LinkedIn for more inspiration!).

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“The more you read from a script, the more you become who other people want you to be.”

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Jahmaal Marshall

Global Lead for Field Office Interns & Fellows, International Justice Mission



Jahmaal works as a global lead for an anti human trafficking agency involved in global outreach. He loves hiking and nature walks as well as listening to instrumental music that calms both mind and heart.


If you'd also like to hear Jahmaal share his thoughts on speaking out about racism at work, check out our recent Conversations at Work event recording.


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