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A champion mindset gives you control says Hernani Alves

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A champion mindset gives you control says Hernani Alves

Hernani Alves walks us through how to form a champion mindset, and the importance of leaning into change.

Change happens every day. But it’s during times of crisis, when change—and our response to it—is emphasized. Some of us withdraw and wait for the storm to pass, others walk towards the eye of the storm. 

Hernani Alves suggests the latter have a champion mindset. They’re the ones who believe they have the power to overcome any difficulty, because they control their own destiny. 

Hernani himself walks toward the storm while thunder is rumbling. He’s no stranger to pivoting and adapting to changing circumstances. He did just that recently when the pandemic turned the world upside down. 

In this latest episode of People at Work, Hernani talks about his personal pivot from teaching the stability of balanced accountability for leaders to helping leaders employ a champion mindset. If you’re wondering how to focus on what’s important now, and how you can take back control, this is the episode for you.

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“You control your own destiny.”

Hernani Alves

Founder & CEO, Balanced IQ


Hernani works with business leaders to make the most complex skill in business, awesomely simple. He lives in California and doesn’t like scary movies with witches (especially like the Wizard of Oz).

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