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Strategic thinking as a skill with Greg Githens

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Strategic thinking as a skill with Greg Githens

In this episode of People at Work, Greg Githens joins us to talk about the importance of strategic thinking and how you can improve your skills.

The ability to think strategically is something that makes you more promotable and is something you need in order to lead a company. I think most of us would agree on that.

But how do you improve your ability to think strategically?

The short answer is...there’s no shortcut to developing your strategic thinking skills. It takes time, commitment, and, according to Greg Githens, working on specific microskills like curiosity, courage, and dealing with ambiguity. The good news is that strategic thinking is a skill that we can all work on and not just some mystical thing that some people have.

Give this episode a listen to get some ideas on how to improve your strategic thinking starting today.

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“Anybody that has a motivation and a passion to develop themselves can think strategically.”

Greg Githens

Executive & Leadership Coach, Catalyst & Cadre LLC


Greg Githens was born and raised in Ohio but now lives in Florida. He is an Executive Coach who works with senior and mid-level managers in organizations of all sizes. He is also a seminar leader and speaker who has appeared before audiences on six different continents. He's looking for an opportunity in Antarctica but his wife says that she'll stay in Florida if he goes.



Greg has a LinkedIn group, "Practitioners of Strategic Thinking Microskills."  Each week, on a rotating basis, the group is reminded of one of the 20 microskills and encouraged to practice that microskill. Everyone is welcome.

Greg's book is available at all major booksellers: How to Think Strategically. Sharpen Your Mind. Develop Your Competency. Contribute to Success.

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