The future of workplace culture with Gina DeLapa

By Bev Attfield

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The future of workplace culture with Gina DeLapa

Workplace culture is like an octopus on roller skates. There are many moving parts, and if we don’t move those parts in the same direction, chaos ensues.

That’s why this week’s guest on People at Work, Gina DeLapa, believes that the future of workplace culture rests on shared purpose. As we’ve shifted (a bit awkwardly like invertebrates on roller skates too) into overnight remote work, our physical spaces are now far less important for building our cultures than rallying everyone around a common goal.

But vibrant and engaging workplace cultures go beyond shared purpose. They also require more self-aware leaders who understand why human-centric environments are best for people who work there. In addition, collaboration, openness, and inclusion are now minimum viable elements for any organization and its culture.

Listen in for more about Gina’s look into the future of workplace culture and her call to action for all of us at work. Workplace culture is up to all of us, and there’s much we can influence for good if we choose to do that.

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“The future of workplace culture is much more about shared purpose than shared space.”

Gina DeLapa

Speaker, Consultant, Coach; Thriving Cultures LLC


Gina DeLapa helps company leaders transform their culture so employees engage, drama disappears, and company culture becomes a competitive advantage.

Gina has been collecting great quotations for more than half her life. They often inspire her writing and speaking. Here's one from Ed McMahon, as he was wrapping up his time on The Tonight Show: "Play your role — to the very end."

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