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Staying connected in hybrid mode with Geoff Watts

By Bev Attfield

2 min read

Staying connected in hybrid mode with Geoff Watts

The people at Wilson Sporting Goods have been navigating a world of work turned upside down, much like the rest of us, over the past 20 months. But, they’ve made a few critical decisions along the learning curve to help galvanize their new way of working together.

At the core of their new hybrid work culture is constant communication. Geoff Watts joins me on People at Work to share what this looks like in practice. Connection at every level, starting with individual employees, is their sweet spot. 

Not only does this ensure that people are heard and given space to shape their own work experience, but it enables tremendous value creation for employees and consumers. And that leads to a crystal clear understanding of the company’s vision, and every person’s role in achieving it.

We’re living through interesting times, and the need to look after our people increases daily. Geoff also has some thoughts on employee care, retention, and satisfaction, against the backdrop of “The Great Resignation”. As he puts it, the grass is greenest where you water it. 

Give this episode a listen and you too can tend to your lawn, and ensure that your people don’t need to head to the other side to see if it’s greener.

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“Constant communication with our people has never been more important.”

Geoff Watts

Global Vice President Human Resources, Wilson Sporting Goods


Leader at Wilson Sporting Goods. Runner, cyclist, and coffee addict. Geoff’s favorite book is Legacy by James Kerr. An incredible book about the New Zealand All Blacks and their approach towards not only sport, but life in general.


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