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The biggest workplace disruptors are 50+

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The biggest workplace disruptors are 50+

Donna Korren discusses the benefits of two-way mentoring in intergenerational workplaces.

What do Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Workday all have in common? They were all started by entrepreneurs who were more than 50 years old. In fact, 25% of new businesses are now founded by people over 50. With people staying in the workforce longer, 50 is young.

On this episode, Donna Korren discusses why the 50+ age group are the biggest workplace disruptors and how you can harness their wisdom and enable employees of all ages to thrive in an intergenerational workplace?

Hint: Two-way mentoring really helps.

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"If you take people in their 50s and pair them up in a two-way mentorship with someone in their 20s or 30s, the shared knowledge is enormous.”

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Donna Korren

Founder, Empty Quester


Donna enjoyed a 25+ year career in publishing and advertising sales before launching her digital platform Empty Quester, inspiring empty nest parents to make their next bold move. She is an empty nester herself, but her family frequently meets up and travels together all over the world.

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