The importance of microlearning with Darren Winterford

By Dustin Tysick

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The importance of microlearning with Darren Winterford

Have you heard anyone say “I love that learning platform”? No? EdApp is here to change just that through their constant functional learning. 

EdApp is a workplace learning tool that delivers bite-sized education while maintaining high levels of engagement. CEO and Founder, Darren Winterford, identified that e-learning was broken and that COVID played a role in accelerating that because of how disconnected people are. 

However, the increased usage of smartphones in workplaces is providing the perfect opportunity for microlearning. Imagine if a push notification asked you for 5 minutes of your time to give you a refresher on your sales training. Way better than a 90 minute video taking you through the whole process, right? 

Changing attitudes towards content creation, consumption, channels, and adoption of learning material is key to harnessing the power of microlearning. The old way of learning in organizations isn’t effective: it’s not engaging, it’s inaccessible, and it doesn’t help people learn.

Listen to Darren speak about why enforcing a continuous learning culture through microlearning within your organization is essential in order to be successful.

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“E-learning was already really broken and COVID has just accelerated that.”

Darren Winterford

Founder & CEO, EdApp


Darren Winterford, CEO and founder of EdApp, has extensive experience building mobile apps and pushing the boundaries of innovation. As a pioneer in the microlearning space, EdApp's teams are established in Sydney, London, Manila, and New York.

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