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Dan Manian on staying connected as your company grows

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Dan Manian on staying connected as your company grows

In this episode of People at Work, Dan Manian discusses the value of maintaining personal connections as your company grows.

There are certain inflection points in a company’s growth where the culture can change. At first, it’s one tight-knit group. Then, as you grow, you see someone walking around the office and you have no clue if they’re an employee, a partner or a complete stranger. How do you maintain real, authentic human connection as your company scales?

Dan Manian joins us today to chat about how technology can be used to help scale personal interaction and why it’s so important to help people build real connections. Especially for remote or dispersed teams.

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"Our goal is to help build real, personal, human people programs that scale as you grow.”

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Dan Manian

Co-Founder + CEO, Donut


After spending years working in product at fast-growing startups, Dan cofounded Donut to help teams foster cultures of connectivity and collaboration. When he’s not working on Donut, you can find him playing music for business with his band, Mobile Steam Unit.


Dan: LinkedIn

Donut: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


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