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Using escape rooms as a tool for self-improvement with Christina Eanes

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Using escape rooms as a tool for self-improvement with Christina Eanes

In this episode of People at Work, Christina Eanes joins us to talk about time pressure, collaboration, and problem-solving in escape rooms and beyond.

I like solving puzzles so I’ve always enjoyed escape rooms. I looked at them as a fun way to pass time with friends but I never really noticed the parallels between escape rooms and work issues until I spoke with Christina Eanes.

Deadlines, stress, communication, productivity, emotional intelligence...all part of work, and all part of escape rooms. On this episode I chat with Christina about how she uses skills learned and practiced in escape rooms to help leaders with self-development. We focus on the importance of perception, emotional intelligence, and communication. We also chat about how being self-aware of your energy and understanding what creates and consumes energy for you can help improve your productivity.

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“Escape rooms are like safe learning environments to look at our perceptions and emotions.”

Christina Eanes

Founder of a Professional Development Firm


Christina Eanes is a former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager, now author, speaker, podcast and YouTube channel host, and self-improvement guru. Christina has done 500+ escape rooms in 20+ countries.

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