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Don’t have a purpose, create a movement with Chip Walker and Liza Haffenberg

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Don’t have a purpose, create a movement with Chip Walker and Liza Haffenberg

In this episode of People at Work, Chip Walker and Liza Haffenberg join us to talk about aligning values through "movement thinking."

Be honest: do you actually know what your organization’s purpose asks you to do? Many of us have spent hours articulating what our purpose is but we haven’t taken the next step to put it into action.

Chip Walker and Liza Haffenberg of StrawberryFrog are on a mission to change this. Their concept of “movement thinking” helps people galvanize around their company’s purpose and spur actions in support of it. They believe a movement is purpose activated.

In this climate of social impact and values alignment for employees and consumers, it’s time for all of us to take a stand on what our organizations are here to do. If you can mobilize your purpose into a movement, your whole company and everything you care about, will thrive.

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“​​A movement is purpose activated.”

Chip Walker 

Partner + Head of Strategy, StrawberryFrog


Chip is recognized for his expertise in brand creation and re-invention, and has led the charge in transforming brands such as Goldman Sachs, Lexus, Bank of America, Jim Beam, and Heineken. Chip is a speaker, columnist, and the author of the new book Activate Brand Purpose which he co-wrote with Scott Goodson – Founder & CEO of StrawberryFrog.

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Liza Haffenberg

Head of Movement Inside, StrawberryFrog


Liza is a movement maker with a passion for helping companies activate their people through purpose – galvanizing employees, changing culture and driving growth. Heading StrawberryFrog’s Movement Inside™, Liza develops people-first solutions that ignite positive change for employees while solving business problems.

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