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Helping your employees grow with Cherie Curtis

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Helping your employees grow with Cherie Curtis

In this episode of People at Work, Cherie Curtis joins us to talk about growing your people.

The job of a leader is to help those on their team grow and be successful. This is why I was excited to chat with Cherie Curtis. Cherie went from volunteer intern to CEO at Revelian so she knows a thing or two about what people need in order to advance in their career. 

Cherie explains that helping your people grow starts with genuinely caring and getting to know them. And by selflessly focusing on what they need to grow. She also gives some tips on how to spot people who have high growth potential with the three main components being problem-solving ability, emotional intelligence, and initiative.

If you’re a leader looking to help your people grow or if you’re looking to grow in your own career, this episode is worth a listen.

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“Nurturing and growing employees really starts by just having a meaningful relationship with them.”

Cherie Curtis

President, Criteria Corp


Cherie Curtis is an Organizational Psychologist and President of Criteria, an assessment company dedicated to helping organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. Cherie has been recognized as the nation’s top leader in the 2016 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the 2015 Qld Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

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