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5 days vs. 5 years of remote work

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5 days vs. 5 years of remote work

The world has changed: all of a sudden remote work is absolutely mission critical. But how can companies make the transition? Cathryn Lavery explains how.

Companies all over the world have been forced to transition into remote work, and a lot of us are still trying to figure out how to make remote work, work.

At Jostle, we made the switch five days ago. We’re in a better position than most to make the switch. Most Jostlers already work remotely occasionally and we use our own internal communication platform so we have the tools in place. But now we’re all isolated in our homes and working hard to try to maintain the culture that we’ve worked so hard to build. That’s the hardest part. We all miss our people.

At BestSelf, they’ve been fully remote for five years. They’re Yoda, we’re mere Padawans. In this episode I had a chance to pick the brain of a remote work veteran, their Co-Founder & CEO, Cathryn. Her overarching advice? Get more intentional with your communication, be more flexible, and understand what your daily priorities are. You’ll stay focused, productive, and engaged—all things that're critical to keep work and connection flowing.

With this crazy world we’re living in, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

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“As you make the move to remote work you have to be much more intentional with your communication than you were in an office.”

Cathryn Lavery

Co-founder and CEO, BestSelf Co.


Cathryn is Co-founder and CEO of BestSelf Co, which grew from zero to 8-figures in less than two years. An Irish immigrant with a standing start and no business experience, she has transformed herself into a serial entrepreneur, creating multiple brands and helping others bring their ideas to life.

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