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Job crafting is the way forward with Dr. Benjamin Ritter

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Job crafting is the way forward with Dr. Benjamin Ritter

In this episode of People at Work, Benjamin Ritter joins us to talk about taking ownership of your career.

Traditional thinking about job roles, career paths, and measures of success is quickly changing. People are taking greater ownership of their careers and defining how they want to spend their time. For the most part, organizations are no longer in charge of how and when someone progresses.

This is good news to Dr. Benjamin Ritter. But more change can’t come fast enough in his opinion. Benjamin believes that although the career landscape is changing, we need a new way forward. What’s really needed for this transformation is job crafting.

Job crafting is the process of shaping whichever job you’re in to fit your personal values, your professional aspirations, and the path you want to take for your career.

What this means is that every individual is empowered like never before to make choices about any moment in time in their working life. But, it’s more than just flexible work hours and choosing to live far away from head office because remote work is now a thing. 

It’s about actively picking types of projects that interest you, choosing to work on different teams, or saying no to work that doesn’t fit your short-term goals. It’s about anything and everything that can be shaped to suit you as an individual, not the other way around.

In our podcast interview, Benjamin shares more about his ideas and experience on this topic. He also talks about what this shift means for organizations and the types of work environments that employees will gravitate towards, in order to job craft.

If you’re thinking about retention, employee experience, evolving leadership, psychological safety, and maybe even your own career path, this is a fascinating conversation and the right fit for you. 

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“Mold your job to be the best fit for you.”

Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Leadership and Career Coach and Founder, Live for Yourself Consulting


Dr. Benjamin Ritter, is a leadership and career coach, regional learning manager for YPO, national speaker, podcaster, author, mentor, and passionate about guiding others in finding, creating, and sustaining a career they love. It helps that he’s worked a wide range of jobs from being a live cast model for mannequins to a healthcare executive.

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