The importance of pushing back at work with Ben Brearley

By Dustin Tysick

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The importance of pushing back at work with Ben Brearley

Even if you sit right beside your manager, there’s no way they have complete visibility into your work. Now that many of us are working from home, this visibility is decreased even more. Add on a flexible work schedule and more distractions at home and it’s a recipe for your manager to accidentally overload you with work.

Which is why it’s ok to push back.

Ben Brearley gives some tips on questions you can ask to get the conversation started when you feel like you have too many competing priorities. It really does come down to prioritization and trust. Otherwise you run the risk of setting a precedent that you’ll just accept all work that is thrown your way even if you’re drowning in it.

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“Not pushing back sets a precedent for the future.”

Ben Brearley

Founder, Thoughtful Leader


Ben Brearley is a certified leadership coach, MBA, and consultant who helps thoughtful leaders to manage the tricky balancing act of leadership and helping them to lead with confidence.


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