Personal development in the workplace feat. Avnish Goyal

By Dustin Tysick

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Personal development in the workplace feat. Avnish Goyal

Our original Jostle website in 2012 was focused on the concept of empowering your employees. Which is why I was really looking forward to chatting with Avnish Goyal, Founder & Chair at Hallmark Care Homes, about his Empowerment Days program.

Avnish is the type of leader who very strongly believes in empowering all of his employees to be better versions of themselves. He runs Empowerment Days which are when he gets hundreds of his employees in a room to focus on personal development. One of the most interesting parts to me is that he actually opens it up to his competitors and colleagues in his sector to bring their employees as well.

Avnish and I chatted about where his passion for personal development came from, why it’s a never-ending journey, and how he’s managed to use things he’s learned in his personal and professional life. 

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“My personal development journey just continues because it’s never done.”

Avnish Goyal

Founder & Chair, Hallmark Care Homes


Avnish Goyal is the Founder & Chair of industry-leading care provider, Hallmark Care Homes. He is also the Chair of Care England, an Advisory Board Director, Patron of The Care Workers' Charity, and Ambassador of E2Exchange and the Alzheimer’s Society. Avnish founded the Hemraj Goyal Foundation in memory of his late father, supporting charities on issues such as trafficking, menstrual dignity, empowerment of women, and education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds both in the UK and abroad.


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