High performance demands high care with Anthony Vaughan

By Bev Attfield

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High performance demands high care with Anthony Vaughan

Do you want a high performance culture in your workplace? Who doesn’t? Trouble is, I don’t think we’re being honest about what’s needed to get this level of performance at work.

Anthony Vaughan has some ideas on this topic, starting with this simple premise: people first. 

If you want people to contribute and deliver, you need to create a safe place and take care of them. That means understanding what makes them tick, listening to their concerns, and supporting them in ways that matter to them (not you).

Anthony talks more about his ideas and offers some practical advice for managers and leaders on the latest episode of People at Work. 

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“The #1 skill of a manager is to be able to create a safe place.”

Anthony Vaughan

Founder, The E1B2 Collective


Anthony is a hybrid, a split between an entrepreneur, executive, and HR rebel! Everything he believes and does is backed by putting employees first.

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