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A new office, a new country, and a pandemic feat. Andrew Butt

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A new office, a new country, and a pandemic feat. Andrew Butt

In this episode of People at Work, Andrew Butt joins us to talk about his journey of virtual hiring and building a culture remotely.

Andrew moved from the UK out to San Francisco to open up a new office and hire rapidly. That’s hard enough to do.

Just as he started doing that, the pandemic hit. The in-person interviews weren’t possible anymore. So he had to adapt to virtual interviews. Instead of thinking about how to connect two offices, he now had to think about how to connect everyone remotely.

That’s a whole lot of change and a whole lot of learning so I was excited to pick his brain a bit. We chatted about the pros and cons of virtual hiring, how to maintain your culture when rapidly hiring and switching to remote work, and what he plans to do with the two offices once things go back to “normal.”

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“The pandemic and everyone being online has made it a level playing field.”

Andrew Butt

Co-founder & CEO, Enable


Andrew Butt is the Co-founder & CEO of Enable, a modern, cloud-based B2B software solution for rebate management. Distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers across over 50 industries now have an easy, seamless solution to execute and track their full range of trading programs. Andrew and his co-founder met twenty years ago while learning to fly helicopters and have launched three businesses together since.


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