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100 tips for leaders, from leaders

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100 tips for leaders, from leaders

We just hit 100 episodes of our People at Work podcast! That means 100 insights on how to improve work and leadership. Celebrate with us!

The People at Work podcast just released our 100th episode! That’s 100 guests, imparting at least one tip for other leaders, everywhere.

That’s a powerful collection of ideas, insights, and aha moments. We’re so grateful to have the platform to tell these stories and hear from such a wide variety of people.

When we started People at Work almost two years ago, we wanted to add to the leadership knowledge community. While there were many HR oriented podcasts to choose from, we felt that a show focused on the experience of individuals in their workplace was missing.

We also felt that leaders were undersupported in helping realize an exceptional employee experience and a highly connected workplace. 

So we set to work to build a show that would bring all kinds of leaders—academics, practitioners, coaches, individual contributors, C-suiters, and others—together in the service of helping leaders and workplaces be better.

At the start my co-host Dustin Tysick and I were both inexperienced podcasters, and our learning curve was steep (that’s a completely different blog article waiting to be written!). But our gracious guests arrived with humility, humour, and class. We can’t thank them enough for helping us build something that matters. 

Now, about those 100 tips

As much as I’d love to list something from every podcast episode, I don’t think you’d have the time or patience for a list that long. So, to avoid the TL;DR, how about a compromise? 

Here’s a key insight from our five most listened to episodes of all time (and if you’d like more, email me and I’ll share the next 10 tips!).

A family-friendly workplace is more than perks with Ula Mikus: Creating a family-friendly workplace starts from the top-down and it has to be woven into the fabric of your company culture. 

Do more and stress less with Alexis Haselberger: Work efficiently in the hours you're at work so you have more time for yourself.

The power of purpose with Shawna Stewart: If you want your team to be the most productive they can be, you’ve got to tap into what motivates them. What's the thing that gives them purpose?

How the last 8% can improve your relationships with Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry: We regularly neglect the last 8% of conversations. That means we’re avoiding the hard stuff, deferring conflict, and ultimately compromising our relationships. Use preparation and courage to get 100% from every conversation. 

Embrace your people instead of chasing the dollar with Lloyed Lobo: Realize that businesses are driven by people. It's not the money.

As we enter a new century of interviews, People at Work will continue to have real human-centric conversations about things that impact us during the work day and that help us grow as leaders. Our guests have helped us set the bar extremely high for the first 100 episodes. I’m so excited about what we’ll learn and contribute next. 

As much as we love our guests, we love our audience a teensy weensy bit more! If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Maybe you’ve got a burning workplace or leadership issue you’d like us to tackle or a guest we should interview on the show. And if you’re enjoying the show, we always appreciate subscribes, reviews, likes, and social love in support of our work, for you. 

Thank you to all our friends, whether guest, listener, or overall awesome cheerleader, our show works because of you.

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Bev Attfield

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