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A new intranet helps Morgan McKinley deliver more value

Morgan McKinley is a recruitment agency with offices around the globe. They are using their Jostle intranet to connect their employees and build culture.



Company: Morgan McKinley
Industry: Global recruitment firm
Interviewee: Aldagh McDonogh, Transformation Director
Challenge: A multi-office, multi-continent company determined to thrive in an industry influenced by technology.
Level of Participation: 75-80% of all employees weekly, roughly 94% monthly.


The recruitment industry has seen massive technology-driven change in the last decade, and it continues today. Morgan Mckinley knows that the way to rise above the industry is just not to offer clients more candidates, but the right candidates. Aldagh McDonough was hired to look beyond the day to day and look for opportunities to be a better company not just today, but in the future. She recognized that being a multi-office, multi-continent company was key to the challenge.

She knew that if they were to grow, and to build their reputation for delivering great candidates, they’d need to work together, learn together and succeed together. But they were more like a collection of somewhat disconnected offices.

A new Jostle Intranet replaced their old static portal which had been developed internally. Jostle was part of their transformation program. It built the familiarity, trust and communication channels they needed to begin to come together as a whole.

Just a few months after rollout, they tried to measure its impact in an unusual way. They asked “How would you feel if it were taken away?” "No, please don't!" was the universal response. It’s now so much a part of the fabric of their company that they no longer even talk about it. “Like the phone,” says Aldagh.


Deb Lavoy

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