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Manpower Alberta: Elevating teamwork and customer service

Brianna Teschke, Manager, People and Culture at Manpower Alberta, tells the story of their intranet and the progress their organization has made.


Company: Manpower Alberta
Business: Recruiting
Interviewee: Brianna Teschke, Manager, People and Culture
Challenge: Attract and retain great people to provide better customer service.
Level of participation: 85-90% of employees log in every single week, 100% monthly.

You might recognize Brianna from our home page. She has an unusual title - rather than HR Manager, she is manager of People and Culture - the name they’ve given their HR department. Why? Manpower is a recruiting company. They know that if they are going to provide value to customers, it is by hiring and retaining great people.

Two years ago they committed to building a culture focused on people, knowledge and innovation. Their employee engagement program is pretty serious. Brianna and the CEO began to meet one-on-one with every single employee. They’ve learned a lot. They learned that career development is one of the keys to retaining good employees. But they are in multiple offices throughout the province. How do they understand what their employees want? How do they provide the training and support their employees need? They depend on their intranet.

Deb Lavoy

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