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Jostle Corporation announces letterpress messaging for employee communications

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Jostle Corporation announces letterpress messaging for employee communications

Jostle is disrupting digital communications such as email, instant messaging, and intranets by introducing letterpress printing.

Vancouver, Canada (April 1, 2016) — Jostle Corporation is excited to announce its latest, radical innovation in employee communications. Jostle is disrupting the dominant paradigm of digital employee communications such as email, instant messaging, and intranets by bringing letterpress printing to the communications team.

“High-end letterpress invitations to meetings make people feel really good about spending 90 minutes listening to status updates,” says Brad Palmer, cofounder and CEO of Jostle Corporation. Jostle has been building intranet software for eight years. Now they are migrating from web servers to printing presses.

 “Charging per message turns out to be far more profitable for us,” Palmer says. “Customers say they appreciate the extra time they have to prepare and fully appreciate each message, given the 3-day turnaround time.” Customers report that their volume of irrelevant reply-all emails has dropped dramatically. Only the CEO can initiate and order a message. Employees are now desperate to get any message at all, and when they do, they know it is important. “We have no problem getting people to pay attention,” reports Sally Smith, Jostle’s Director of Customer Success.

 Jostle designed the new offering for companies who are trying to attract hipster millennial employees. It fits in well in the kind of office that also has craft beer and farm-to-table snacks.

 The new, high end paper products are a hit. “Customers tell us that it’s not just the gorgeous colors, but the varied textures of the messages that they find most engaging,” says Smith. Since these papers are acid-free they make for gorgeous archives. “New hires enjoy digging through the multi-colored papers looking for nuggets that might be relevant to their new assignments,” adds Smith. Jostle’s users have reported a high level of engagement as fist fights break out over who makes the invitation list.

 Jostle’s new letterpress messaging is available now. For more information, visit their product page.


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Jostle Corporation is on a quest to make workplaces happier and more productive with our radically better communication tools. We help companies nurture a vibrant culture, organized teamwork, engaged employees, celebrated contributions, and shared information. Our elegant, work relevant approach is achieving participation rates that are 5X industry norms.


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