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Jostle’s next intranet UI released

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Jostle’s next intranet UI released

Jostle Corporation has released a major upgrade to the user interface (UI) of its cloud-based employee intranet platform.

Vancouver, Canada (December 1, 2015) — Jostle Corporation has released a major upgrade to the user interface (UI) of its cloud-based employee intranet platform. The new navigation model exposes more functionality in a well organized way. Users can now access expanded capabilities more simply and intuitively. The new interface is unified across desktop and mobile devices. The update has been released as a free upgrade to all existing customers. See a demo of the new UI in this short video.


jostle-intranet-software A screenshot of Jostle’s new intranet UI

Jostle’s simplified new sidebar navigation has made the user experience more intuitive. Events are particularly important to us, so being able to get to these in one click has improved efficiency.

Mandy Stone, Director of Communications and Training
Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.

Employee intranets are inherently a difficult user experience to design. Many kinds of information need to be organized and so many common use cases must be accommodated. Traditionally the solution has been busy “home” pages that organize a large number of links into otherwise unrelated widgets and sub-menus. “Broken” navigation is one of the most commonly cited reasons for employees not using traditional intranets.

Jostle’s approach is different; organizing information into people-centric views and combining this with powerful cross-platform search and patented TEAMS® technology, which allows information to be targeted and filtered according to the real-time membership of workplace teams. All this is delivered in turnkey fashion that is easy to configure to match the culture and structure of any company.

The overall information architecture is locked down and free of widgets and templates. “Not only does this approach make it easy for customers to get up and running, it also stops users from subsequently cluttering the navigation with unnecessary elements,” commented Jostle’s Grey Vaisius, one of the designers behind the new UI approach.

“One of the things that makes Jostle® intranets so engaging is that the screen is always dominated by user-generated content. Our new UI makes this even more apparent. The stories, happenings, and culture of the company shine through even better than before,” observed Jostle’s CEO Brad Palmer. Jostle intranets enjoy employee participation rates of over 85%, over five times industry norms. 

About Jostle Corporation

Jostle Corporation is on a quest to make workplaces happier and more productive with our radically better employee intranet. We help companies nurture a vibrant culture, organized teamwork, engaged employees, celebrated contributions, and shared information. Our elegant, work relevant approach is achieving participation rates that are 5X industry norms. See Jostle's intranet in action in this short video.

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