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Silvacom communicates powerful social responsibility efforts

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Silvacom communicates powerful social responsibility efforts

Find out how Silvacom is using an intranet to keep everyone updated on their philanthropic work.

How do you keep everyone in the loop with your company's important philanthropic efforts? For a long time, this was a question that Silvacom didn't have an answer to. Although their charity work with Classrooms for Africa is close to their hearts, they didn't have an effective way to share relevant news and progress with their staff. Enter the Jostle® intranet.

"Before the Jostle intranet, there was no real communication about Classrooms for Africa other than our annual staff fundraiser," shared Elva Kennedy, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Silvacom. 

"Getting the information was far more ad hoc," Elva went on to say. "If you caught our founding partners, Bob Morton or Tom Grabowski, in the corridor and engaged one of them in conversation, only then would you really find out about what had been going on.”

Since adopting the Jostle intranet in 2014, Silvacom has been able to share more and more each year. They're using the platform to its maximum potential for raising awareness and keeping everyone informed. On their last trip, they were even able to share video updates whilst in Africa. 

“It’s really powerful to be able to provide live updates,” Elva told us. “They seem more real when they’re written and shared in the moment, and I think it feels that way for the reader."

If you're interested in finding out more about how Silvacom is making the most of the Jostle platform to keep their employees engaged and updated, check out the case study.
“We share our Classrooms for Africa project stories with employees so they feel included in the process and have a sense of ownership of the schools we help. Sharing good news makes for engaged employees.”

Elva Kennedy
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Silvacom

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