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Jostle Corporation Announces the First Annual Jostle Awards

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Jostle Corporation Announces the First Annual Jostle Awards

Jostle is delighted to announce the first annual Jostle Awards. The awards will shine light on some amazing, connected companies.

Vancouver, November 25, 2014

[UPDATE DECEMBER 9, 2014] Due to the enthusiastic response we are seeing, we've decided to extend the nomination period until after the winter holidays. Please go to the awards page and nominate your company.

Jostle is delighted to announce the first annual Jostle Awards.

Five years ago, Jostle’s founders set out to make workplaces better. The Jostle Awards are our celebration of the many workplaces that are now, in fact, working better.

The awards will celebrate what Jostle customers have achieved through their commitment to employee engagement and connected leadership. They’ve innovated better products and turned around ailing organizations. They’ve grown restaurant chains, marketing firms, design houses and recruiting companies. They have provided better, more efficient healthcare and supply chain management. They’ve grown construction businesses, banks, and much more.

“We have seen our customer base double in 2014. We’ve also seen median participation levels stay remarkably high – around 85%. While we take great pride in the role Jostle’s intranet platform and engagement process is playing, these awards recognize the real engine of our progress: the leaders, communications teams, IT teams and employees of our customers.” notes Brad Palmer, Jostle Corporation CEO.

“Jostle customers are winning. They are innovators. They are bold, decisive and willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. They are companies we admire, lead by people we respect,” exclaims Deb Lavoy, VP Marketing. These awards are a token of our respect and an opportunity to share what the winners have learned with others facing similar challenges.

Awards will be given in several categories, including “Biggest Cultural Turnaround”, “Fastest Launch”, “Technology Leadership” and several others that highlight both serious and lighthearted achievements.

The nomination period runs from November 25th to December 12th. Visit our awards page to see what we’re planning and to nominate your company.

Winners will be announced in late January 2015.

About Jostle Corporation

Jostle is the creator of a new kind of intranet that is designed to help leaders engage their workforce. Its elegance and relevance yield exceptional participation rates – exceeding five times industry standards. Jostle’s intranet is turnkey, cloud-based, and requires no IT resources to maintain. For more information contact info@jostle.me or visit us online at www.jostle.me.



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