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Jostle Awards 2020: Nominations now open
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Jostle Awards 2020: Nominations now open

Did you do something remarkable with your Jostle intranet this year? It’s time to tell us your story, Jostle Awards 2020 are open for nominations!

This year has taught us many lessons and reminded us of the importance of connection and community. Technology likely played a bigger role in your life than it ever has before, keeping you connected to your communities and loved ones.

For Jostle customers, this meant relying on your intranet more than ever before to get key information out quickly and keep employees connected to your culture and with each other.

With the speed at which things were constantly changing this year, it’s likely you haven’t had a moment to pause and clock all the efforts of the year. But, the time has come to reflect and celebrate all the things you’ve accomplished! That’s right; nominations are open for the 2020 Jostle Awards.

Since starting the Jostle Awards six years ago, we’ve celebrated over 250 success stories from customers big and small. Hearing your stories is something we look forward to every year!  

Has Jostle allowed you to stay connected with your co-workers after your company’s shift to remote work? Was your intranet key in keeping staff up to date with the many twists and turns your organization has faced this year? Have your intranet champions taken your intranet to the next level or thought up creative new initiatives?

Whatever you’ve done with your intranet, we want to hear all about it! If you’re a Jostle customer who had an active intranet in 2020, you’re eligible to enter (of course including participants from previous years of the Awards).

Entering is easy—just head over to our online response form and complete the survey. If you realize you need more time to answer the questions thoroughly, no worries! Your responses will be saved and you can complete it at a later date (but before the deadline).

Don’t have time to answer all of the questions? No problem! Take it easy and fill out only the items that interest you. We can’t wait to read your responses!

Now’s your chance to reflect on all the hard work you put into your intranet this year and share all you’ve accomplished. We’re looking forward to hearing many more stories of flourishing companies. Good luck!

Nominations close at 10am PST on January 27, 2021.

Questions? Reach out to Sabrina via awards@jostle.me or view our Awards FAQ.


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Sabrina Roach

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