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Drum roll please… Jostle Awards 2018 winners revealed!

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Drum roll please… Jostle Awards 2018 winners revealed!

Let's celebrate the winners of Jostle Awards 2018! These awards recognize our customers and the extraordinary workplaces they're creating with the Jostle intranet.

It’s finally here: the day we announce the winners of the 2018 Jostle Awards!

Every year we ask our customers how they’ve used the Jostle® intranet to make their workplaces extraordinary. And every year, without fail, we receive an amazing collection of stories about everyday people utilizing the platform to build more connected organizations.

This year we received a record-breaking 56 entries from customers all over the world. As usual, customers went above and beyond, submitting stories, pictures, and even videos depicting how their intranet positively impacts the way they work. Submissions detailed how Jostle functions as the go-to destination for company news, collaboration, internal communication, workplace culture, and more.

“We were impressed with not only the quality of submissions this year, but also the creativity and determination our customers bring to their intranets every day. People are driving real, impactful change in their businesses with Jostle and we’re excited to play a part in that,” said Sally Smith, Director of Customer Success at Jostle.

As you can imagine, we love reading and sharing stories about how our customers are using our technology. Not simply because it makes us feel good, but also because it reinforces our drive to make workplaces extraordinary. Our customers are constantly finding new ways to emphasize the importance of people via their intranet—and we’re so proud of their achievements.

For the 2018 Jostle Awards we’re recognizing winners and finalists in 10 categories, ranging from Best Launch to Best Intranet Strategy. Without further ado, here are our 2018 winners—congratulations!

Congratulations to our winners! Along with bragging rights, Jostle Award winners will receive a trophy, gift card for a well-earned team party, and a bundle of goodies to further their creativity, fun, and teamwork!

To winners, finalists, and nominees alike: thank you for sharing your stories with us, driving change at your workplaces, and showing us how people power organizations! We’re grateful and inspired to partner with all of you. Jostle on!

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