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Jostle a winner in Canada’s Top 10™ Competition

Jostle Corporation was selected today as one Canada’s Top 10™ emerging companies. The Canada’s Top 10™ Competition.

Vancouver, BC, 2010 October 13

Jostle Corporation was selected today as one Canada’s Top 10™ emerging companies. The Canada’s Top 10™ Competition.(www.topcanadiancompanies.ca) features a jury of leading investors from Canada and the U.S. that determine Canada’s “most investible” companies. Jostle was selected as one of the top 5 emerging companies in the technology sector.

Jostle (www.jostle.me) is web-enabled software that elegantly glues organizations together, by clarifying team structures and helping employees engage. Jostle’s software makes it easy to facilitate teams (formal or ad hoc) and find expertise. Jostle enables cross-organization teamwork, without the need to first standardize tools and processes.

“Jostle provides a way for organizations to free themselves from ‘big’ software and join the world of rich, usable, task-specific applications. Jostle provides a platform that glues organizations together – their employees, external contributors and the apps they prefer. It’s wonderful to see this unique approach being recognized by leading Venture Capitalists. As one of Canada’s Top 10™, Jostle will benefit from greater exposure and the opportunity to meet the right international investors and industry insiders.” observed Jostle co-founder and CEO Brad Palmer.

WestJet co-founder and company culture guru Don Bell commented “Jostle has just moved out of stealth mode and is engaging with its first customers. The investment connections the Top 10™ enables will help us maximize this business opportunity for all.” Don is a Jostle investor and Director.

The Canada’s Top 10™ competition winners will have the opportunity to participate in a series of investment forums in select cities across the U.S. Developed together with key sponsors, partners and the Canadian consulates in each city, The forums expose the Top 10™ companies to an exclusive opportunity to present to top tier U.S. and Canadian venture capitalists, licensing executives and potential strategic partners in a series of invitation only events.

Since their selection, current winners and alumni have secured over $600 million in disclosed venture capital financing.

For information contact:

Brad Palmer
Jostle Corporation

Tel: (778) 968-1556

Email: brad@jostle.me

Marco Fiori
Corporate Development
Canada’s Top 10™ Competition

Tel: (613) 828-6274 x 133

Email : info@topcanadiancompanies.ca


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