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Is a Cloud-Based, Turnkey Intranet Worth It?

Is a cloud-based, turnkey intranet worth it? We did our research and compiled a list ROI that’s broken down into savings and returns.

We asked ourselves the question, “Is a cloud-based, turnkey intranet worth it?” We did our research and compiled a list ROI that’s broken down into savings and returns.


>$400k per year for a 500 person company. Got 1000 employees? Double these numbers.

1 Year To Roll-out

  • Average development time for a custom intranet is 17 months.1
  • This development time requires 3-6 staff of consultants at ~$100k each.1

For a well designed, turnkey, SaaS intranet the roll-out requires less than 1 month.

>$20k In Direct Costs

  • SharePoint = $21k license + $16k in hardware for onsite deployment.5
  • Jive costs $12 per user per month + $16k in hardware for onsite deployment.

A cloud-based intranet has low software and zero hardware costs.

3 IT Support Staff

3 full-time equivalent maintenance and support staff at $100k each. A well-designed, cloud-based, turnkey intranet uses zero IT support staff or salary.


>$3.3M for a $15M company.

28% Employee Engagement Boost

Improved communications is strongly tied to improved employee engagement.4

22% Profit Boost

  • 22% increase in profits
  • 10% lift in customer satisfaction.3

A 21% Productivity Boost

  • 21% increase productivity.3
  • 65% decline in employee turnover.3
  • 37% decline in absenteeism.3

Quality & Safety

  • 41% fewer quality issues.3
  • 48% fewer safety incidents.3

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Deb Lavoy

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