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Heyday: a digital workplace from the get go

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Heyday: a digital workplace from the get go

A case study on how Jostle customer, Heyday, is using an intranet to build a digital workplace with a consistent brand, culture, and client experience.

Heyday is out to disrupt the traditional spa industry. They’re doing this with a singular focus: simple, affordable, and convenient facial services. Off to a fast start, they’ve just opened their second vibrant New York City storefront. Heyday’s delightfully disruptive approach rests on clear mandates for their brand, client experience, and employee culture. To achieve this, they started with a digital workplace, where operations, brand, and culture are enabled and optimized by technology. One of the foundations for this is their Jostle® intranet.

A central hub for formal and informal communications, the Jostle platform helps Heyday example brand values, share knowledge, distill technology into workflow, and reflect their very intentional workplace culture. We recently talked with Michael Pollak, Heyday's Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder, to explore their business, brand, and vision, and Jostle’s role in achieving their goals.

From its use as a culture amplifier to a more organized way to collate and share information, Heyday uses the Jostle intranet at every level and location in their growing business. We’ve captured the details in this new case study. In summary, here are a few key ways Heyday is leveraging their intranet to build and scale their business and disrupt an entire industry while they’re at it:

  • Sharing expertise of and about the skincare profession
  • Product knowledge transfer and education
  • Organizing and targeting meaningful content
  • Shift swapping coordination
  • People and purpose alignment
  • Creating an online internal environment as vibrant as their physical locations
  • Keeping their brand and values consistently visible

“Real estate and hiring challenges are reasonably easy to overcome. More

challenging is making sure that everyone at Heyday is marching to the

beat of the same drum. The Jostle intranet helps us achieve that.”

Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder


The term ‘heyday’ means a day when you feel great vigor. Heyday believes everyday should be a heyday. Heyday’s founders set out to create a business with life and energy in it, that would change the face of skincare routines. On the surface, they offer an exceptional wellness experience with skincare and health benefits to their clients. At a deeper level, they want everyone to be their best - and in their prime - inside and outside their business. Everyday truly is a Heyday with this vibrant and inspiring company.


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