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Five for Friday: Giving feedback
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Giving feedback

This week's Five for Friday gives tips and tricks on giving and receiving feedback in the workplace.

Constructive feedback is a powerful thing. If handled correctly, it benefits the growth of the individual and the performance of an organization. But, it's a delicate subject. One to be handled with care. This week's Five for Friday articles have some great tips on how to give and receive feedback for optimum results and minimal offense. 
  1. Here's how to give concise and positive feedback from @Forbes
  2. @buffer delves into the psychology behind giving and receiving feedback.
  3. Not good at accepting positive feedback@impraise explain why and how you should.  
  4. @MonsterCa explore if you should give feedback to an interview candidate you don't hire
  5. Want truly honest feedback? @dailymuse has four great tips to get it. 

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Hannah Price

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