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Five for Friday: Being present at work
Illustration by Justin Alm

1 min read

Five for Friday: Being present at work

This week's Five for Friday focuses on the being present in the workplace.

If you find yourself distracted by multi-tasking or your concentration wanes at work, this is the article for you. This week's Five for Friday is all about making the most of your time at work by being present in the moment. 

  1. @SusanMazza explains why leading while distracted can be dangerous! 
  2. 15 science supported ways to stay focused throughout the day from @businessinsider.
  3. @snacknation will help you get rid of these distractions.
  4. @Forbes has an insightful guide to being present for busy multi-taskers.
  5. Getting distracted by noise? Try out this playlist of music for concentration.

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Hannah Price

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