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Four employee platform examples from Jostle customers
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Four employee platform examples from Jostle customers

Wondering about Jostle in action? Check out four examples of how Jostle customers engage, enable, and celebrate their employees!

Remember The Jetsons? The futuristic sci-fi cartoon set in 2062 told the story of a family living in Orbit City, a city in the air where homes and businesses were raised and lowered by adjustable columns. The Jetsons' apartment was filled with imagined technology that included a robot maid, 3D printed food, holograms, flat-screen TVs, and TV watches. Almost 60 years since the original series aired, many of these things not only exist today, but you likely own a piece of this materialized technology.

The world imagined in The Jetsons was one of convenience. Technology was shown as mechanized magic that would allow us to outsource mundane tasks like making dinner or vacuuming the floors. We envisioned a world where future technology would make our lives easier, and while this can be true, technology has also made some things more complicated, especially at work.

When employees can’t connect with the correct information or expertise for what they’re working on, it leads to frustration. And in this new world of remote and hybrid work, the issue becomes even more critical to solve. As a result, organizations of all shapes and sizes need the right tools to connect their employees with relevant information.

Jostle’s platform is move-in ready. We help you engage your employees, give employees access to all they need to do their job, enable employees to contribute to your company and culture, and bring everyone together to celebrate your achievements. But don’t take it from us; read on for four examples from real Jostle customers.

Using Jostle to work better together: 4 use cases


Get information to everyone

It’s much easier to get critical company information into the hands of your knowledge workers when they spend a good deal of their workday staring at a computer. However, connecting deskless, skilled employees can be a challenge, one that KF Aerospace (KF Aero) knows well.

KF Aero is one of Canada’s most advanced aerospace companies, specializing in a wide variety of aviation services. The nature of their work means that over 80% of their workforce are workers who don’t have a desk or a computer.

For a long time, getting critical business information in the hands of skilled employees was dependent on each location’s receptionist printing 5-10 key articles and leaving them in the lunchroom. That was until JostleTV arrived and allowed KF Aero to stream the content on their Jostle platform to television screens in common areas like hallways, lunchrooms, and hangars where mechanics would be waiting to pick up their tools.

JostleTV at KF Aerospace

Through JostleTV’s rotating screens, employees could quickly get a clear overview of what was happening in the company through reading these headlines. They could easily log in to read more or contribute with a comment or “like.” That’s what happened, too; after the launch of JostleTV, KF Aero found that more employees were logging into their Jostle instance to read more about a topic or help celebrate a colleague’s birthday or work anniversary.


Allowing employees to contribute

One of the core issues for Butler Health Systems’ static news site was that all content needed to be designed and uploaded by the single IT person who owned the site, which quickly led to a bottleneck as they grew. Their team wanted to empower more employees to create and publish their news, so they began their search for a modern solution.

After dabbling with the idea of building a traditional intranet, they opted to go with Jostle’s out-of-the-box solution. As a result, their new platform was up and running for all 3,900 employees in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build a traditional intranet.

Much to the relief of their previously backlogged IT person, the layout of their new platform was easy to use. Individuals and departments in the organization can create their own News Articles with ease. With the help of Reporter Groups, their IT and executive team can still hold on to some of the controls to moderate audiences and restrict the use of features like pinning articles until read, sending out company-wide notifications, and use of the Featured Banner.

Butler Health Systems News feed

“If you can post to social media, you can post to Jostle. It’s that easy.”

—Steven Spachtholz, Director of Information Systems, Butler Health Systems


Creating a virtual culture

The world of work is evolving in the post-pandemic world. Many organizations are transitioning from fully remote work and venturing into the new world of hybrid work. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) know that Jostle’s platform, which supported them through the sudden pivot to remote work, will continue to be their virtual meeting place.

Their communication team credits their Jostle instance for being the central place to highlight their culture and bring all company communication and staff together. News is a visually engaging space for bulletin board like company updates (with the ability to like, comment, and celebrate together). And the embedded Activity feed allows staff to share snappy text message-like updates with GIFs, photos, and Shout-Outs to celebrate great work and connect them to their company values in a way that wouldn’t have been possible before. Their Jostle instance is a visual and lively space, the perfect virtual office.

News stories

“Jostle is the tool that will enable us to move to a hybrid work model. It’s a single point of reference for everything in the business; by checking Jostle daily, people won’t feel like they’re missing out on something.”

—Clinton Milroy; Director Brand, Communications, and Digital, AITSL


New levels of customer love

UK-based creative consultancy Emperor had such a fantastic experience with Jostle’s platform, they couldn’t help but share it with their customers too. After a year of rapid growth in 2018, the team at Emperor knew their intranet was no longer meeting their needs. They needed a fresh approach to internal communications and a better way to connect their five offices. It was then they turned to Jostle, and they haven’t looked back.

Emperor credits Jostle’s platform for the sense of community they have across all five offices. No matter where they’re working from, they have a virtual space where they can come together to celebrate and access key company news, documentation, and updates.

After two years of using Jostle, Emperor wanted to bring the platform’s benefits to their customers. So, with their firsthand knowledge of how Jostle can transform an organization, they joined the Jostle Partner program.

Launch day cupcakes

“Jostle is the hub where Emperor’s employees connect, engage and communicate. It’s a space where our unique culture and the personality of our people can shine through. That's why we’re thrilled to be a Jostle Partner that helps sell their product to our own customers—we know firsthand what a difference it can make to any organization.”

—Sarah Eklund, Marketing Manager, Emperor



Jostle customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small 15-person churches to dispersed professional service providers, to healthcare companies with thousands of employees. No matter what your business challenge, we’re ready to help you connect your staff, get important company information in front of the right people, and ensure they have access to all they need to do their jobs.


Growing with our customers at Jostle

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