6 employee benefits that will find you the best talent

By Frank Mengert

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6 employee benefits that will find you the best talent
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As an employer, you know that attracting and retaining the best talent is essential to your success. While salary and benefits are important factors, there are other reasons why talented employees might choose to work for your company.

A company's employee benefits package is one of the essential tools for attracting and retaining top talent. In today's competitive marketplace, where workers have more choices than ever, a robust benefits package can be the difference between attracting the best and the rest.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must continuously be on the lookout for top talent. However, simply finding these individuals is not enough; companies also need to be able to retain them. This is where employee benefits come in.

By offering a comprehensive package of benefits, businesses can show their employees that they are valued and appreciated. In turn, this can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are six employee benefits that will help make you the most attractive employer in your industry.

Most competitive benefits for talent acquisition

While salary is an important factor, there are other reasons why talented employees might choose to work for your company. Here are six employee benefits that will make you the most attractive employer in your industry:

Health insurance

Offering health insurance is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain employees. A recent survey found that 71% of workers said that health insurance was essential in deciding whether to accept a job. Offering health insurance is also important to show employees that you care about their well-being and are invested in their long-term health. 

Not only does offering health insurance help you attract and retain employees, it can also help you improve employee productivity. Employees with access to quality health insurance are more likely to get regular checkups and screenings, which can help them catch potentially serious health problems early on. 

401(k) and retirement plans

401(k) plans are attractive to employees because they offer a great deal of flexibility. For example, employees can choose how much they want to contribute and change their contribution amounts at any time. This flexibility makes 401(k)s one of the most popular benefits among workers of all ages. 

Another reason why they’re so attractive is that they offer various investment options. Workers can choose from a wide range of investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This variety allows employees to tailor their retirement savings plan to their individual needs and risk tolerance. 

Employee wellness programs

Employee wellness programs are another great way to attract and retain top talent. These programs help employees improve their physical and mental health, boosting productivity and morale. Furthermore, employee wellness programs can also help businesses save money on healthcare costs. 

There are various types of employee wellness programs, so it's essential to choose one that will fit the needs of your business. Some everyday employee wellness activities include fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, weight loss competitions, and stress management workshops.

Tuition reimbursement or student loan repayment assistance

One of the best ways to attract and retain top talent is to offer tuition reimbursement or student loan repayment assistance. This benefit can be desirable to recent college graduates struggling to repay their student loans. 

Tuition reimbursement programs help employees cover continuing education costs, leading to improved job performance and higher morale. Student loan repayment assistance programs help employees pay off their student loans, freeing up money for other expenses, such as rent or a mortgage. 

Flexible schedule options

Flexible schedule options are another great way to attract and retain top talent. Employees with a good work-life balance are often more productive, happier, and less likely to leave their jobs. 

While not all businesses can offer flexible schedule options, there are several ways to make your workplace more flexible. For example, you could allow employees to telecommute one or two days per week. You could also offer flex time, allowing employees to choose their start and end times within a particular window.

There are several ways to attract (and retain!) top talent

By offering competitive salaries, retirement plans, employee wellness programs, ancillary benefits, tuition reimbursement or student loan repayment assistance, and flexible schedule options, you can create a benefits package that will appeal to a wide range of employees.

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