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Can an intranet help leaders lead?

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Can an intranet help leaders lead?

Your intranet should be helping leaders lead and engaging employees. Here's how.

There’s a lot of information out there on leadership; what it is, what it entails, how to define the good traits (and the bad). For me, it’s simple. As a leader, I’ve always tried to focus on: 

  • Enabling employees, and then getting out of their way
  • Connecting people, so they can help each other
  • Setting clear purpose, so teams can align
  • Recognizing contributions and celebrating success

To me, these are the things leaders do to create value and help their organization succeed.

The Jostle® platform was created to do exactly that—to help leaders lead. Soon we realized our “leadership platform” was the foundation of a new kind or intranet. One that helps leader’s lead, and employees engage. It does this by: 

Enabling people to get their work done: This is about providing the tools and information people need to get their work done. Making it easy to quickly access accurate information and documentation, find help, understand the roles of people around them, and communicate efficiently.

Connecting employees to the organization's purpose: Plugging each employee into his/her organization and making them feel part of it, making the purpose of the organization clear and tangible, and helping everyone understand its culture and values. Providing a place for recognition and celebration, so each individual feels part of the overall success.

Connecting employees to each other: Helping each person understand the individuals they work with, so they can better connect with, and support, each other. Making informal communication easy so connections flourish. This level of personal interconnection creates an overall sense of teamwork, contribution, and camaraderie.

Getting out of their way: Providing simple, unobtrusive ways for employees to discover and participate in the things that are relevant to them. For an intranet (and leaders) to truly connect and enable employees it needs to get out of the way. No excessive noise from social activity. No gamification causing activity for activity’s sake. Just a reliable place where everyone can easily find what they need.

That’s a different way to think about the purpose of an employee intranet. Think of your intranet as an extension of your leadership team and see what you can accomplish.

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Brad Palmer

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