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Jostle to Exhibit at CAMA’S Annual Conference

Jostle™ to showcase new class of enterprise collaboration software that brings real-time clarity to organizations such as the City of Medicine Hat.

2011 March 24, Vancouver

Jostle™ to showcase new class of enterprise collaboration software that brings real-time clarity to organizations such as the City of Medicine Hat.

Jostle™ Corporation will be exhibiting its new class of enterprise collaboration software at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) in Halifax, NS from May 30th to June 1st, 2011. The Jostle software, now used by the City of Medicine Hat, AB, dynamically brings much-needed clarity to complex organizations, boosting employee engagement and improving cross-silo teamwork.

“Cities are wonderfully complex and bring together an ever-changing mix of employees and stakeholders. Jostle provides a simple way to bring this extended team together, improving cross-organizational alignment,” commented Brad Palmer, Jostle CEO and co-founder. “At this year’s CAMA conference in Halifax, we’re looking forward to exploring with city leaders how Jostle can glue their extended team together.”

Jostle’s leadership team will be at the show to run live demonstrations of the web-deployed solution and discuss how Jostle helps city management:

  • Bring real-time organizational clarity to understand who’s doing what
  • Connect people and teams, including externals, to tap into collective knowledge
  • Bring together isolated content and tools
  • Bridge organizational silos and locations
  • Deploy social software and collaboration tools in the context of the organization

About Jostle Corporation – Jostle, the People Engagement™ platform, is a new class of non-disruptive enterprise collaboration software that brings much-needed clarity to today’s ever-changing and stakeholder-involved, organizations. It dynamically connects people and teams through a simple, highly visual, organizational framework, bridging activities, content and tools across organizational silos.;


Jostle Corporation
Brad Palmer, CEO
Tel: 778-968-1556
Email: brad@jostle.me
Twitter: @JostleMe

Rose Fernandes, Partnership/Exhibitor Coordinator
Tel: 1-866-771-2262
Email: admin@camacam.ca

The City of Medicine Hat
Colleen Brown, Corporate Communications Manager
Tel: 403-502-1977
Email: colbro@medicinehat.ca


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