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Connect Wireless: Building culture & communications

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Connect Wireless: Building culture & communications

Can traditional management and a millennial workforce find happiness and a more connected culture with an intranet? Yes, yes they can. The Connect Wireless case study shows how a rapidly growing company with a young workforce can use a better intranet to strengthen their company culture and thrive.

The media is now filled with stories of collaborative companies and vibrant corporate cultures. But many questions remain. Can any company be more collaborative? Can every management style support a more vibrant culture? Or is this just for special companies like Zappos, or knowledge-intensive millennial Silicon Valley startups? No.

Day after day we see a tremendous diversity of management styles and corporate structures that all benefit from richer communications amongst and between employees and executives.

Here’s a case study that proves this yet again. Connect Wireless is a company that is both traditional and progressive. Their workforce is mostly young, often inexperienced. Their line and regional managers are – surprisingly – slightly more conservative than the senior executives.

Connect Wireless declares on their website that they aspire to be a company that “works for the success of its team members so that its team members will work for the success of the company.” This case study shows how they used a new intranet to empower those team members they are committed to. The impact was instantaneous.

Read the case study to see how Connect Wireless got to near complete adoption within just a few weeks. They built a plan that leveraged executive support and methodically won over the skeptical. As a result, they made learning faster and communication more efficient. They cut down dramatically on “junk” emails and achieved their core objective – a culture that spans across their many stores and time zones.

Bev Attfield

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